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We have been providing and coordinating logistical solutions for more than 140 years.

We have been providing and coordinating logistical solutions for more than 140 years. Our motto is to improve efficiency and continually look for opportunities to achieve cost savings in the logistics process. For this, we use smart methods such as the development of software or data analysis. Together with you, we search for creative solutions or come up with new business cases that benefit you.

We enter into a partnership with you and together we maintain an ecosystem in which the solutions of both today and tomorrow are the focus. As part of this, we use our knowledge to continually achieve advantages for your organization. Our solutions are comprised of air and sea freight, road transport, parcel distribution and storage and fulfilment, possibly in combination with goods assembly and installation. We offer these services as an integrated supply chain solution or as modular components.

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Our core values



We provide a tailored answer to every question and we develop new solutions for every phase of the supply chain.



We are an energetic logistics company, which maintains healthy relationships and makes responsible choices based on an approach that focuses on a sustainable future



We proactively contribute ideas, are reliable, and continually help our partners to progress. This results in long-term partnerships with our business relations.



We have all the logistical knowledge in-house, we work efficiently, and we keep an open mind on technological innovations.


Janssen was founded in 1877 under the name Janssenbooten. In those days, transport was done solely by ship and by horse and cart. The company quickly developed into one of the larger-sized carriers in the Netherlands. Given the increasing popularity of truck transport at the beginning of the twentieth century, the company added this component to its services and changed its name to Janssenauto’s.

As the years passed, the quality of the infrastructure as well as the logistic issues changed. Production companies started focusing on their core business and began outsourcing other activities. Not Janssen! Instead, we saw this as an opportunity to add services to our range. Our next step was to set up our warehousing department. Several tailor-made solutions in a single public warehouse quickly developed into a successful part of the business.

This also applies to our Value Added Services (VAS) department, which provides assembly, repairs, and configuration of goods. As the employees work under one roof with colleagues from the logistics department, the goods can be delivered quickly and efficiently from and to this technical workshop. In addition to its technical area, VAS has a department for printing, mailing, and serial high-volume fulfilment.

Janssen - History

In the first decade of this century, a department was set up to specialize in service deliveries. In addition to the delivery, goods can also be installed at their destination and customers are given instructions on how to use appliances. Goods can also be uninstalled or other services provided, where required. Trained professionals represent our client to the end customers. They are accustomed to carrying out their services on customers’ premises, in both B2B and B2C markets.

Internationalization ensures the continuing growth in international traffic. Due to the many intermodal opportunities via seaports, airports, and railway stations, our specialists are active in various European locations such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Brussels. In Asia, Janssen is represented by locations in China and Vietnam from where air and sea freight shipments are sent to destinations worldwide.

Software plays a very important part in all our business units. For Parcel Management, we have invested in an advanced system that creates labels for millions of parcels a year, enables us to manage parcel carriers, and allows our team to carefully monitor the status of the deliveries. Large volumes produce purchasing power. We take a neutral approach and select the right carrier for your goods based on quality and costs.

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