At Janssen, we are proud of the various quality marks we have been awarded.

AEO certificate

Janssen holds AEO-full certification. This status, as Authorized Economic Operator, offers several advantages in international trade. AEO certification is issued by the customs authority and provides benefits such as fewer checks and priority treatment for any checks that are necessary. AEO certification is a quality certificate that contributes to the security of the international logistics chain.

Lean & Green

Janssen has been awarded the official Lean and Green award for the CO2 savings it has been able to make. Eco-friendly business practices don't have to cost money – they even generate cost advantages. The award recognizes the company’s correct implementation of sustainability measures geared towards saving energy, recycling materials, and limiting waste streams.

VCA certification


Janssen is a VCA-certified organization. This certificate shows our commitment to creating a safe and healthy working environment with consideration for the environment. 

Hygiene code for transport and logistics

Janssen adheres to the HACCP code for transport and logistics. This code demonstrates that we satisfy the legal requirements for food safety and hygiene. This is applicable for the transport and storage of food products. 

NEN 16258


Janssen adheres to the NEN 16258 standard. This method focuses on calculating and accounting for energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in goods transport.

Horizontal Monitoring

Janssen was one of the first companies in the Netherlands with which the Dutch Tax Authority made agreements within the context of Horizontal Monitoring. By doing so, the Dutch Tax Authority indicates that the company is in control and that continuity is guaranteed in all areas of the company’s operations.


FSC Janssen.jpg

Janssen is FSC-certified, which means that we use forest products that ensure that our forests remain alive for future generations.

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