Our standards are high when it comes to sustainability – we start by looking at ourselves. While our company provides services, it also uses and consumes various materials at the same time.

To get a sense of just how harmful this is for the environment, we are investigating the impact in order to gain insight into the types of improvements we could make. This is an ongoing process, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero-emissions business operations. We still have a long way to go before we achieve this. Our employees also deserve our attention when it comes to a healthy work ethic and healthy work environment.

All employees are supported in finding or maintaining the right balance – the right personal balance and work-life balance, as well as a good long-term vision – to ensure their health and well-being at work in the long run. Our aim is to ensure that our employees retire in good health, both mentally and physically.

Scrutinizing what we do has given us a great deal of knowledge that we are keen to apply in our clients’ chain. Finding the right solutions is not a simple task. Partnerships provide the opportunity to share knowledge with one another and the incentive to actually take the steps needed to do things better. You do not have to do things on your own. In addition, it is often necessary to join forces to achieve significant results.

We are happy to cooperate with our partners in the area of sustainability:

  • O3
  • CMS
  • Derickx Weert
  • Gezondste Regio
  • Gezondheidscentrum Noord-Limburg
  • Zumtobel

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We are proud of the partners we cooperate with.

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